How to buy

Searching for your products

You can easily find products on by using either the Search products or Browse by Category function.

1. Using the Search products function

If you want to use the Search function to find your products, please follow the steps below:

  • Type in the name of the product you want to buy in the Search products box then press <Enter> or click the Search icon
  • If found, a list of products will be displayed in the Search results page

2. Use the Browse products by category function

Another way to find your products quickly is to browse products by category

  • Click on the Categories dropdown
  • A list of available categories will be displayed
  • You can either click directly on or hover your mouse over the main category that you are interested in then select one of its sub-categories.
  • Depend on the action you took, a list of products will be displayed

You can further narrow down your search by using the Product filters on the left of the screen. 

Ordering your products

1. After you have found the product you were looking for, hover your mouse over the product and the website will display more options for you to select:

  • Buy now – This button will add the product directly to your Shopping cart.
  • See all offers – There are more than one sellers selling this product.
  • Select options – This product offers various options you can choose from.

You can click on the button displayed to continue with your order.

2. If you want additional information about the product before making your buying decision, just click on the product itself.

3. The product details page will be displayed. Click on the Add to card button to continue.

4. After you have finished your shopping, click on the Cart dropdown on the top right of the website.

5. Select View cart or Checkout.

6. If you selected View cart, the Cart contents will be displayed showing all products you have added to the cart.

7. If you are happy with all products you have chosen, click on the Proceed to checkout button. The Checkout page will be displayed.

  1. Shipping details – On the top of the screen, it shows different shipping methods for each seller. You can choose the appropriate shipping methods for your order.  Depending on how many items you have added and how many vendors you are buying from, the shipping details section can 
  2. You current Delivery address – Ensure that his is your Delivery address. If you edit this Delivery address, shipping charges will be updated accordingly.
  3. Customer’s Notes – Here the customer can add any message to the seller.
  4. Payment methods – Ensure the correct Payment method is selected here. Currently, we accept Paypal and all major Credit and Debit Cards. Please note: We don't keep your credit or debit cards details on our website. All sensitive information is encrypted while communicating with our third party payment gateway.
  5. Terms & conditions – Any terms and conditions from the Seller will be displayed here. Each Seller has different terms and conditions, please ensure you read it and agree to these terms and conditions before placing your order.
  6. Order Details – Your final check and enter any promotion code or discount offered by the sellers.
  7. Place order – If you are happy with everything you can now click on the Place order to continue with your payment.

You will receive a successful message once the payment has been made successfully.