Complaints & Returns


If you have any complaints in regarding to the goods you have ordered, please contact your sellers directly. They are your first point of contact. You can either use the contact details from your order or invoice or send them a message from our system. To send them a message:

1. Login to your own account

2. Find and open the order you want to make a plaint

3. Click the Communication button on the top left of the screen

4. Click the New Post button if this is your first message. The New Post popup should display.

5. Fill in all the details that you want to complain then click the submit button. Your seller should receive your message and contact you to discuss about your complaint.

If after several attempts and it seems that you are not going anywhere with your seller, please send us a message. We will try our best to help resolving the issue between you and the seller.


Many items sold on can be returned for a refund or exchange. However, in the interest of public health and safety, some products such as Groceries, Drinks, Vitamins and supplements, Baby formula, Personal Care, etc. are non-returnable. Please check each item carefully before adding the products to your shopping cart. You can identify if the product is returnable or not by looking at the details underneath the product price. If the product is returnable it will show Return period: and the maximum return days. If the product is non-returnable it will not show anything there. 

Each seller on has their own Returns policies. It is normally show within the Sellers' Terms and Conditions on the Checkout page when you order your goods. Please check the seller's Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order. 

Below are some reasons that you can normally return.

  • Faulty product
  • Incorrect product delivered
  • Damaged/Defective product delivered

Orders cancelled at the request of the customer may incur a fee. This is chargeable at the discretion of the third party sellers.

In the case of product incorrectly delivered or order cancelled, the product must be in its saleable condition (i.e. it has to be in its original packaging, unopened and unused.

Please refer to the instructions outlined below for returning your order.

  • Login to your account at
  • Select Orders under the Account dropdown list

  • A list of your orders displays, click on the ID link of the order you want to return
  • When the Order details screen displays, click on the Request a replacement or a refund link

  • The Request a replacement or a refund screen displays

  • Under Reason select the reason why you would like to return this product then click Return.
  • Next to “What would you like to do:” select Replace item or Refund
  • Tick on the item you want to return then click on the Return button.
  • Once you have submitted, the return request will go to our Administrator. If this item was bought from then we will contact you for further instructions. However, if this item was bought from one of our third party sellers then the third party seller will be contacting you instead.

Note: Different third party seller may have different Return Policies and different Terms and Conditions. When making an order please check out these carefully before placing your order.