Assisted purchase Australia

Step 1
Tell us what products you want to buy from Australia

Fill out the Assisted Purchase Form and submit your request to us. If you are not sure where to look for your products, we have listed a number of websites Australia Shopping Directory for you to browse through.
Step 2
Check products availability and order confirmation

After receiving your request, we will check products availability and send you an order confirm with the total costs including our service fee and shipping cost.
Step 3
Arrange for Payment

If you want to go ahead with your order, we will then arrange for the full payment. We offer a wide range of payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card and Bank transfer.
Step 4
Consolidate all products then ship the products to Vietnam

Once payment has been verified, we will start ordering all products you have requested. We will then consolidate all your products and send the whole package to your address in Vietnam.
Step 5
Products arrive at your home in Vietnam

After your products have been shipped, we will send you an email notify with the shipment details and progress. Depending on where you live in Vietnam, the shipment should take about 5 to 7 business days from the date your package leave our warehouse. With our service, the package should be delivered at your door. You should not require to do any customs clearance or pickup your package at anywhere.

Advantages for using out Assisted purchase service

- Some Australia Online websites do not ship to Vietnam. You can buy anything if you use this service.

- When you buy different products from different shops, you have to pay the minimum shipping cost for each product. With our Assisted Purchase, we can order all products you have requested then combine them into one package. This will save you a lot of shipping costs.

- Some Australia Online shops will ship to Vietnam but require you to certain location to pick your products and only. You have to do your own customs clearance. This may incur extra costs go to certain location to pick your products and may be have to do the customs clearance yourself. With MuaBan, your packages will be delivered to your door and you do not have to do anything mentioned above.